Destiny 2 wish ender how to get

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How to start Destiny 2s Wish-Ender Quest To start the quest, approach this statue right before the final boss fight if you havent already. Turn in your Awoken Talisman and an indicator will pop

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - How To Get The Wish-Ender Bow

destiny 2 wish ender how to get
Wish-Ender can be acquired from within the Shattered Throne dungeon within the Forsaken expansion. Steps are as follows: Approach a statue with a bow in its hands and three bowls in front. Present your Awoken Talisman, a new mission should pop up.

How to Get the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow in Destiny 2

Wish-Ender is a part of the Shattered Throne dungeon that was also released with the 3rd iteration of the Dreaming City curse. In order to get to the Shattered Throne, you need to go to the Confluence, which is a portal located in 3 zones in the Dreaming City. The easiest one …

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destiny 2 wish ender how to get
Once completed, head over to the statue where you made an offering, only this time the three bowls will have orbs in them. Interact with the statue to claim your loot, Wish-Ender. You’ll also unlock the Triumph called Gimme that Bow, wherein you have proven yourself worthy to Sjur Eido, the Queen’s first Wrath.

How-to Get Wish-Ender - Quest Steps Guide (Exotic Bow

destiny 2 wish ender how to get
The first statue you need to give an orb to is on the roof of the central (or tallest) building. The orb you need to give the statue is within the fire-breathing dragon temple. You can climb to the roof with the statue by scaling one of the rock-faces on the side of the building from the outside.